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About EventDawn

Founded in 2011, we're a local Ottawa start-up that dreamed of an online event planning platform called EventDawn. We've designed it with care to give you a workspace that will sweep you off your feet.

The history

Our Chief Marketing Officer, Louis Buschman, knew planning was stuck in the technological Dark Ages. Not by choice, of course, but because few innovations had been created for your needs.

With the aid of his longtime collaborator Eric R. Dormer, President, Louis was thinking big and as you know, planning's all in the details.

We took a page from your binder — in fact, we took all of them and put the pages online.

For the first time, planners can create online event binders using comprehensive event planning forms based on the CIC's accepted practices. We honed the online binder experience with the help of planners like you from organizations including Meeting Professionals International (MPI).

Homegrown talent

With a vision like this, execution is key. As a start-up, we didn't exactly have ample resources to hire distinguished programmers and designers.

The solution was to turn to the community: Louis and Eric recruited local college students from the fields of computer sciences and media and design to form a tight-knit team of passionate young professionals.

We tasked them with giving EventDawn planning functionality, an easy-to-use design, and an identity to bring to you, the planners.

The EventDawn name was inspired by Eric's wife, Dawn. Nurturing a start-up company until it blossoms can keep you awake at night. Dawn supported Eric and Louis every step of the way.

Dawn is finally here

In turn, we want to empower you: to plan more easily and with greater collaboration. So here's to the dawn of new events, new partnerships, and new opportunities — happy planning!

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“We took a page from your binder — in fact, we took all of them and put the pages online.”

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